NYX The Curve vs. Sephora Smart Liner


 Everyone has heard of the NYX The Curve eyeliner for its revolutionized shape that helps you apply liquid liner easier. With NYX having such a successful product launch, other bands decided to try out this ergonomic shape for themselves.

When I first saw this liner in Sephora, I was prety shocked. It’s not uncommon for brands to copy each other, but this imitation seemed to happen to fast.

What’s the difference between these two?

Plain and simple: price point. Sephora Smart Liner is $14.00, while the NYX The Curve liner is $15.00.

Which one would I buy?

Although the Sephora version is cheaper, I would have to go with NYX, simply because of my loyalty to the brand. I applaud brands who invent extremely innovative products, so I know that my support will always be towards NYX. Plus, it’s only $1.00 extra…it definitely won’t break the bank.

Which one would you purchase and why? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “NYX The Curve vs. Sephora Smart Liner

  1. Wow. Whenever I see such a complete rip-off I get annoyed. I’d definitely buy the NYX one, just because I can’t support Sephora when they’ve ripped someone off so much… Even though I do love Sephora. But the NYX one I’ve still heard so many good things about as well.


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