Lime Crime Makeup Opaque Lipstick Swatches

ImageIMATS NYC is officially over (definitely crying as I write this post) and I picked up quite a few a lot of products!

I decided to post blog posts over the next few weeks of swatches of all of the products I bought, so you can see how quality all of the products are and how they look against my skin tone.

The first set of swatches is from Lime Crime Makeup! I picked up two of their Opaque Lipsticks, so I wanted to show you how they work upon first application.


Cosmopop: This is a beautiful muted peachy-orange shade. I just swiped this twice on my arm and I was able to get great color payoff.



Airborne Unicorn: How fun is this color?! This shade is identical to the color of the packaging. Like Cosmopop, I swiped this on my arm twice and was able to obtain this awesome color payoff!

Have you tried any Lime Crime Makeup before? Let me know in the comments!



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