Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Swatches

pulp swatchesHey everyone! I had photos of these swatches from the day this collection came out…somehow I completely forgot about them and never edited/posted them! Luckily, the collection is still out (shop HERE), so I’m not too late!

lip liner24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil: This shade is in Mrs. Mia Wallace. This lip liner is extremely pigmented, so you can definitely wear it on it’s own.

lipstickRevolution Lipstick: Like the lip liner, this lipstick is called Mrs. Mia Wallace. It is extremely pigmented and glides on very smoothly. The longevity is also really great.

glitterGlitter Eyeliner: This eyeliner is in the shade Gunmetal. This glitter liner is different than most on the market because it incorporates black pieces of glitter. This looks gorgeous on top of black winged liner!

So that is it for my swatches. Sorry again for the delay! If you have tried out anything from the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Collection, let me know in the comments or by tweeting me at @BeautyByAndri!

Untile next time,



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