Kiko Cosmetics Water Eyeshadow Review

kiko water eyeshadow reviewHey, everyone! I’ve recently decided to start posting a ton of reviews on my YouTube channel because they’re my favorite types of videos to film and hopefully they will be really helpful during the holiday season. I’ve decided to link each review to my blog with swatches of the product that is being reviewed. I don’t really know why I rarely post my YouTube videos on here, but it’s better late than never right? If you just want to see the review of this product, you can click here, or scroll down to the bottom of this page where it will be placed into the post, so you won’t have to open a different tab πŸ™‚

200 (Champagne):

kiko 200224 (Lavender):

kiko 224Review:

Stay tuned for many more reviews throughout the next couple of months. If you have any special requests of a product you want me to review, make sure to leave it down below in the comments or tweet me at @BeautyByAndri.

Until next time,



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