The Mistake You’re Making When You Apply Makeup and How to Fix It

Prep Before Makeup 2

If your makeup routine starts with a pump of your foundation bottle, stop right there! You’ve already begun to apply your makeup incorrectly, and you haven’t even actually put anything on yet!

Just like anything else in life, prep must occur before application. Yes, I know… it’s annoying to go through an entire process before the real process begins, but it’s essential because it extends the life of your makeup exponentially, prevents acne and dry skin, and eliminates creasing. This is the only way to maintain that flawless look you’re going for.

So, without further ado, here are the steps you should absolutely take before applying your makeup.

Eyes [2 Steps]

[1] Primer

Too Faced Primer Prep

This step is crucial to preventing your eyeshadow from creasing. Apply one generous layer of it on your eyelids before dusting that shadow on. In all the time I’ve been doing makeup, I’ve found that the Too Faced Shadow Insurance works really well because it also helps keep my eyeshadow color vibrant.

[2] Cream Base

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Prep

Using a cream base underneath your eyeshadow is a foolproof way to make your shadow’s color stand out and last all day. Cream acts as a glue that allows eyeshadow to stick to your lid better, so you don’t have to worry about smudging. Use it after your primer and before your eyeshadow. You only need a white cream base in your collection because it can be used under any eyeshadow color. A cream base doesn’t have to be a big financial investment–I recommend the reasonably priced NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk.

Lips [1 Step]

[1] Lip Balm

Carmex Prep

Lip prep occurs every night for me. I slather on a thick layer of quality balm before going to sleep so my lips soak in the moisture overnight. When I wake up, my lips are super soft and flake-free, giving me the freedom to rock trendy matte (but sometimes dry) lipsticks. You can also apply lip balm right before putting on your lipstick, but I find that Carmex does a great job of giving my lips all the moisture they need overnight.

Face [3 Steps]

[1] Lightweight Moisturizer

Mario Badescu Moisturizer Prep

Applying moisturizer before your foundation is absolutely key to eliminating dry patches and preventing your face from looking cakey. Try to find a moisturizer with SPF so you can also protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. If you’re not a fan of that SPF smell, I recommend the Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF 17. This moisturizer is lightweight and odor-free, serving as the perfect base in your makeup routine.


NARS and Benefit Primer Prep

[2] Illuminating

In general, primer is key because it creates a smooth base for your foundation to sit on. It also serves as the separating layer between your skin and your foundation, preventing your makeup from sinking into your pores and developing acne. Illuminating primer is particularly essential because it adds radiance to your face that it normally doesn’t have, especially now that colder weather is rolling around. I recommend the NARS Pro-Prime Light Optimizing Primer for the perfect glow.

[3] Mattifying

It’s important to maintain a radiant face, but brightness in the wrong places can translate into oiliness. To prevent this problem, I apply a mattifying primer on my t-zone. My favorite mattifying primer is Benefit The Porefessional because it reduces the appearance of pores and creates an airbrushed look. Generally speaking, applying primer gives your face makeup a longer, crease-free life, so make sure to slather on some primer before going in with foundation.

Do you prep your face before applying makeup? Let me know in the comments down below!

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