How to Extend the Life of Your Makeup Look in a Few Easy Steps

Group of Setting Products

So you just topped off your morning makeup routine with a few brush swipes of your favorite highlighter. You look at yourself in the mirror and think, damn girl, you look fiiiiine! But guess what? If you think you’re done with your routine, think again. You may just be missing some of the most important steps to actually keep that makeup looking ~flawless~ all day.

I mentioned the importance of prepping your face before makeup application in a previous post, but the finishing touches after applying makeup are just as important in keeping your face smudge-free. Here’s how to properly top off your makeup routine.

Apply setting powder

Laura Mercier Powder Setting

Ben Nye and It Cosmetics Setting

Much of the makeup you put on your face is probably liquid or cream, which are both vulnerable to smudging and creasing. An effective way to prevent a makeup catastrophe is to dust setting powder all over your face after you’ve finished applying your liquid and/or cream makeup. This powder does exactly what its name suggests: it sets the makeup, holding it in place all day. I recommend getting a translucent powder because it can be used to set any makeup on all skin tones. My personal favorite is the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, but I’ve also been pleased with the Ben Nye Luxury Powder and It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores.

Apply setting spray

MAC Setting Spray Setting

You might be thinking, why would I make my face wet when you specifically told me to dry it out with powder? Well, this spray isn’t just water–it’s actually a type of glue that locks all of your makeup in place so it’s not vulnerable to creasing and smudging. It also creates a thin invisible layer over your makeup, so if you accidentally touch your face, your makeup won’t be affected. The best and most effective way to extend the life of your makeup is with setting spray, so you should pick up a bottle if you don’t already have one. My recommendation is the MAC Prep + Prime spray, which I have been happily using for years now. You won’t go wrong with this purchase!

Give each makeup product its own base

Various Long Lasting Product Setting


Chances are many of you use a powdered blush, contour, and maybe even foundation. Powdered products are great, but to make them better, you should be using their cream counterparts underneath. So, for example, you should use liquid foundation and set with powder foundation for the ultimate flawless finish. You should adopt these steps for blush and contour, too; apply cream blush and set it with power blush, and do the same with cream and powder contour. The combination of cream’s longevity with powder’s lock-in-place characteristic keep your makeup looking perfect and lasting all day. My favorite cream blush lately has been the Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Zygomatic because it blends well with many different skin tones and works great in conjunction with a variety of powder blushes. As for contouring cream, I recommend the Becca Cosmetics Lowlight Sculpting Perfector, which has grey undertones that really add to the shaded effects of sculpting.


The frustrating thing about lipstick sometimes is that it doesn’t quite last all day. If you find yourself having this problem with any particular lip colors, you should start getting in the habit of applying lip liner underneath your lipstick. Not only does lip liner hold your lipstick in place all day, but it also enhances the color of the lipstick you’re wearing, and it helps shape your lips. Don’t make the common mistake of only lining your lips with the pencil–you must use the pencil to color your lips in for the best results. Lip liners never have to be a huge investment. I recommend the high quality (but well priced) Kiko Cosmetics Smart Lip Pencil, but any drugstore brand should do the trick.

How do you ensure that your makeup will last all day? Let me know in the comments down below!

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