The Instagram Accounts You Should Be Paying Attention to This Halloween

halloween instagram picks

I’m a huge Halloween nerd. I plan my costume each year down to the most minor details. And while many people don’t think of it, makeup on Halloween is an absolute must for almost any look. The better the makeup, the more believable the costume!

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you don’t already have makeup for your costume planned out, here are some of the best Instagram accounts to follow for cool Halloween makeup ideas.


Here’s a good place to find creepy and gory looks. This makeup artist is doing “31 Days of Halloween,” where he posts a new look every day up until our favorite scary holiday. You’ll be sure to find something totally awesome and costume-worthy in his vast collection.

My favorite alexfaction looks are Scarecrow [tutorial] and Crazy Clown [tutorial].



All hail the queen of special effects! Every time I see one of her new makeup creations, I am amazed at how she maintains her originality in an industry with millions of different looks. Her creations range from haunting to sexy, so no matter what you’re feeling this Halloween, you’ll be sure to find it on her page.

My favorite mykie_ looks are Bloody Carved Pumpkin and Zombae [tutorial].

Halloween is coming . . . 🎃

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Zombae version 2.0 – 3D gore style 😈 Find out how I did this look and how you'll be seeing more of it in the weeks to come in my tutorial which will be up in a couple of hours. Subscribe to my channel which is linked in my bio to get notified as soon as it's up or subscribe just to be a part of the zombae apocalypse before we reach the biggest milestone evaaaaaarr! We're getting so close!!! Thanks for bringing color to my world, zombaes. 😉 ⠀ Info & codes! Wig is by @hairhegoes / @powderroomd – code "zombae10" will get you 10% off your order Contacts are by @camoeyes.com_ (white block) and code "glamandgore" will also get you 10% off your order @kryolanofficial aquapaints @flutterlashesinc intoxicated lashes (these are super gawgeous AND they're affordable 😍) ⠀ *full disclosure: as with most coupon codes you see online- I get a small percentage of the sale when my code is used so if you do not want to use it for that reason that is A-ok 👌🏻 but if you wanna save some moniessss it's there!*

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Here’s a beauty vlogger who’s just as hyped about Halloween as I am! During the month of October, Nicole takes her makeup to a whole new level with Halloween-inspired looks. She puts out a few new looks every year, and she never disappoints. If you’re already a fan of hers, you don’t have to search far and wide for the perfect Halloween getup!

My favorite nicoleguerriero looks are Make Up For Ever Inspired Body Paint [tutorial] and Demented Fortune Teller [tutorial].

Hiiii babes! ☀️ This video went up late last night in case you missed it. 💛💗💚💜💙

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New video just went up. 💀🔮

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Probably the most popular body painter on YouTube, creativeboss has a wide range of looks that go from creepy, to fun, to playful. The skill set for her looks also range from beginner to intermediate, making her ideas possible for almost anyone to recreate. If you’re not a pro at applying makeup but want a really cool makeup look this Halloween, this is the place to look.

My favorite creativeboss looks are 7 Snapchat Filters [tutorial] and Halloween Sock Monkey [tutorial].

SNAPCHAT FILTER RAINBOW PUKE EVERYWHEREEEE! I was inspired by @gettingpretty's rainbow tutorial for this video! 😁 I know a lot of YouTube creators have done the rainbow puke since then, but also please remember this: Art isn't about being the first to do it. It's always cool to be the first one to do something, and do something original (to the literal term of original), but every artist hopefully starts because it makes them feel happy. Sometimes on YT, you'll see multiple artists doing the same thing: sometimes because it's a coincidence, and sometimes because someone else inspires them. Sometimes on the Internet, I see people going into war over who did it first. At the end of the day, at least I can speak for myself, it's about what makes you happy 😁 and although there is a lot of puke rainbows out there NOW, I had so much fun doing these looks, which is why I do YouTube in the first place 😊 I got the video fixed! 😀 Well, enough to upload it 😁 it's now up on !! (My snapchat is MadeULook.Lex)👻

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If you’re not particularly into all the gore and special effects, promisetamang is for you. This makeup artist is incredible at transforming herself into virtually any celebrity or character. Whether you want to be Kim Kardashian or The Little Mermaid’s Ursula, you’ll be sure to find the best look right here.

My favorite promisetamang looks are Trippy Double Vision [tutorial] and Darryl from The Walking Dead [tutorial].

Halloween is just around the corner 🎃 Time to get busy #doublevision

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The type of pictures I send to Steve 🙈 NEW VIDEO !!!

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What are you going to be this Halloween? Let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time,


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