Let’s Talk: My Thoughts on Essena O’Neill

essena oneill photo

As many of you may know, I am a beauty vlogger and blogger, but I’ve decided to shift my focus for a hot second (and maybe even start a new series) for an interesting discussion/debate on things happening in the world of social media.

Most of you may have heard of Essena O’Neill, the ex-Instagram model turned social media activist who’s been garnering a lot of online attention lately. Essena is a 19 year old who began her social media-based career when she was only 12. Over the past 7 years, the pressures involved in this world built up so much that she essentially had a meltdown and decided to turn on social media, exposing its “realities” and all of the alleged misery involved with this kind of lifestyle.

After reading and watching everything Essena’s posted in the last week or so, I’ve developed a few thoughts of my own regarding her decision to “quit social media”. Check out what I have to say in my video below, and don’t forget to leave a comment about what you think of Essena’s recent actions.

Let’s get this discussion started!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: My Thoughts on Essena O’Neill

  1. Essena O’neill has been such a hot topic recently. I’ve felt really conflicted about her recently…I honestly think she seems like a 19 year old girl having a temper tantrum. I can definitely relate to her strife because I believe all girls struggle with insecurities and the idea that their worth comes from their looks occasionally, for a lot of teenager this can be a huge issue. However…she was a model. A paid model! Modeling is an industry based on looks and therefore there will be pressure to look good. I am not anti-modeling in any way but it isn’t for everyone. If you can’t handle posing for FAKE photos and the pressure to look pretty…modeling probably isn’t for you. Haha…sorry for going on a huge rant. I really liked watching your video, I think discussions on Youtube are a great idea!


    • I completely agree! I just think she might have prematurely put herself on a career path. Working on social media is no easy feat, and when you add modeling to the mix, it can easily turn into a disaster for someone who is young, sensitive, or both. I definitely think that her decision to leave the social media and modeling worlds was smart, but I do think she tried to capitalize on it as well. She left specifically because she didn’t want to be criticized anymore, yet here she is receiving criticism again. I see her as a young girl who needs to step away from the spotlight for a bit to focus on herself. She seems like a nice girl, but I think she needs to work on her own maturity and priorities before re-immersing herself in the world of social media!


      • I completely agree! She did try to go out with a bang versus just stopping, which probably would have been a more mature why of quitting social media. She was too young to realize how much pressure she could handle and i think stepping away from the spotlight would be the smartest decision for her right now.


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