My Thoughts on the Amrezy x Lipland Liquid Lipstick Collaboration

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Amra (@amrezy) is one of my favorite beauty experts on social media. Her vivacious, bold character makes her so much fun to watch, and the fact that we both hail from Montenegro makes me feel a bit more connected to her!

When she announced her collaboration with Lipland for a liquid lipstick collection, I knew I was going to get it even before I saw what the collection actually looked like. But when she released the colors and names of each lipstick (one is called Montenegro!), I went the extra mile and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to make sure I was ready to snatch all three lipsticks as soon as they went up for sale on the website!

Here’s a quick rundown of what I think of each Amrezy x Lipland liquid lipstick!


Amrezy Montenegro

Man oh man, is this color gorgeous or what? The shade looks purple in the tube, but when applied to the lips, it comes out a very deep plum shade. Not only am I obsessed with the name, but I am also obsessed with this color. I’m personally a big fan of deep hues for fall, so I was really excited to try this shade out. I’ve also spent almost every summer since childhood in Montenegro and can agree with Amra that this deep plum color exemplifies our small, beautiful Adriatic country!

The only issue I had with this shade was that it didn’t last as long as I hoped it would. If you plan on using it, aim for only a couple of hours where you don’t plan on eating or drinking too much. And I would definitely bring this lipstick along for reapplication–just in case!


Amrezy Brooklyn

Once again, Amra delivers an amazing color that should absolutely be added to everyone’s lipstick collection. I love collecting lip colors from all different kinds of brands, and even in my vast collection, I have nothing like this shade. Brooklyn is a very bright, bold, and neon red-orange shade that is sure to bring attention to your lips. Amra definitely hit it out of the park in terms of this lipstick’s color.

Unfortunately, I have to say that I found the quality of this particular lipstick to be the worst in Amrezy’s collection. The formula happens to be really drying, so wearing it for more than an hour can result in flaking. Amra posted a Snapchat video where she seemingly noticed the same problem, and she said that adding a lipgloss over this lipstick helps resolve the issue. I haven’t tried that yet, but I’m sure it works. Amra’s known for her honesty when it comes to everything–even her own products–so I trust her!


Amrezy Rezy

I was originally going to skip out on buying this shade, but I ultimately decided to purchase the collection as a whole. I’m so glad I didn’t leave this shade in the dust! Rezy might look like your typical nude lipstick, but it looks amazing when applied. You can get a good, opaque layer with only one coat, and the lightweight quality of this color makes it feel like you’re not wearing anything. I definitely see this becoming one of the regulars in my lipstick collection!

The only issue with this shade is that, like Montenegro, you can’t really eat or drink with it on. If you decide to wear it out, make sure to bring it along for reapplication. And try to refrain from eating or drinking too much to avoid makeup malfunctions!

For an in-depth review of the Amrezy x Lipland collaboration, check out my video below!

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