Where Have I Been? Explaining My Absence.

Where do I start…

I know I said I was going to share this post about a month ago, but life got in the way (as it usually does) and I just could not find any time for it. After a long day at work, I decided to take the little time I have at 11:30pm and let you know where I have been for the past few (6?) months.

So here it goes…


If you follow me on social media, you would know that I graduated from college this past May! One of the proudest moments of my life, I graduated from Boston University having majored in Advertising in the College of Communication.


The last month of college was the most eventful for me…I got to spend the last few weeks with my college friends and attend events that my college held for the graduating class, like a harbor cruise (pictured above). It was such a surreal feeling to know that I was finally done with college, but let me tell you…I was so excited about it!


Saying goodbye to my apartment for one last time before heading back to NYC

After graduating, I moved back home and decided to take 2 months off before job hunting. My family and I went to Serbia and Montenegro for all of July, which was really nice since I haven’t been in almost 4 years.


Visiting Đavolja Varoš in Serbia



Walking the stunning streets of Kotor, Montenegro



Discovered my new favorite beach: Plaža Trsteno in Montenegro

So after a much needed vacation, I came back to NYC with one goal: must. find. job. I spent day after day applying to dream jobs and jobs I could not see myself at. Basically, I was applying to every job in NYC…I started to become desperate.

Everything changed when my best friend forwarded me a job application for L’Oréal USA. Not thinking much of it, I applied. A week later, I got an email asking to set up a phone interview. After the phone interview, I went in for 3 separate in-person interviews. A week after all of the interviews, I received my dream call…I got the job!


The view from my floor



Kiehl’s motorcycle in our hallway



Living room where employees can work and relax



The newly opened terrace that’s perfect for lunch, meetings, or hanging out

I am on the Internal Corporate Communications team, which perfectly combines my major and passion. I have been at L’Oréal USA for about a month and I am so happy with it. I couldn’t have asked for a better job straight out of college. I consider myself extremely lucky and I definitely don’t take it for granted.

So that’s basically what has been happening in my life over the past few months. Hopefully I won’t have to do life update posts often since I am trying to keep this blog consistent (I’m serious this time).

Let’s chat! What has happened in your life over the past few months? Any fun trips, promotions, life events? Let me know! 


3 thoughts on “Where Have I Been? Explaining My Absence.

  1. Oh my goodness!!! That is so amazing!!! Congratulations!!! That sounds like a fantastic job and opportunity for you!!!!! 👍👍💖💕💖💕💖


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