What I Thought About “The Girl on the Train”


*there are no spoilers in this post*

Before I get into this review, I would like to explain how I even found out about The Girl on the Train because I must admit, it’s a pretty interesting story.

I commute 5 days a week on the NYC subway, so as you can imagine, I come across a lot of interesting people. About a month ago, I was lucky enough to get a seat during rush hour. Sitting next to me was a man, who was reading The Girl on the Train. After seeing the book, I thought to myself, “hmm, that seems like a pretty weird book,” but I didn’t think much of it. After he finished a chapter, he set the book aside, took out a sketchbook from his bag, and proceeded to SKETCH A GIRL ON THE TRAIN. I instantly felt uncomfortable. Looking into his sketchbook, there were so many drawings of different women, all of whom I assume take the NYC subway every day. At this point, all I could think about was what this book was about. Was it about how to sketch girls on the train? Was it about different types of women on the train?

I decided to just put it past me. Maybe he was just an artist to happened to be reading a book called The Girl on the Train who also sketches girls on the train every day. So another week of commuting goes by…I get another seat during rush hour (I don’t know how I have such good luck) and I sit by the window.

Next stop: Queens Plaza.

I look out the window and what do I see? An advertisement for The Girl on the Train! It was an advertisement for the movie that came out on October 7th. The first word I saw on the poster was “thriller” and I knew at that moment that I had to see this movie (fun fact: I love thriller/mystery movies).

I decided I should read the book before seeing the movie, so I ordered it on Amazon instantly, without even knowing what it was about.

So now onto the review of The Girl on the Train:

I loved it. Plain and simple. If you have read Gone Girl and enjoyed it, you would definitely enjoy The Girl on the Train. This book is a murder mystery that takes you along 3 different women’s stories, Rachel, Anna, and Megan. Rachel, the main character, is the girl on the train who watches a couple outside the window of her train car during her daily commute. After finding out about a missing person who looked extremely similar to the woman who she would watch out the window, she becomes involved in the case. There is so much more to this story, but instead of reading my horrible explanation of it, just get the book!

I obviously don’t want to give anything away, but I would definitely recommend it to everyone. This book keeps you wanting to read more; it’s extremely hard to put down. Commuting during rush hour in NYC isn’t a fun activity, but I looked forward to it every day just so I could read this book.


Now let’s talk about the movie…

Don’t waste money on it. I’m serious. This was seriously the worst movie I have ever seen, which was extremely upsetting to me. I literally sat in the movie theatre upset the entire time and here’s why: I get that it’s hard to put every single detail from the book into the movie…seriously, I get it. What really bothered me is the fact that they changed details that just did not have to be changed.


There is a Bosnian therapist in the book. In the movie? He’s Spanish. Why? Why change his nationality?

The book is based in England, which is mentioned a lot throughout the story. In the movie? It’s in New York. Why? I know it’s apparently cheaper to film in NY than London, but there have been countless movies that have been filmed in a location that had nothing to do with the setting of the story.

Rachel, the main character, has a British accent. Everyone else in the movie? American accents. Producers, why are you teasing me?! If you are going to set it in NY, stick to the American accents. Since I read the book, I know it’s supposed to be in England, so having Rachel be British was just a huge tease. And yes, I know there are British people who live in New York, but this detail just really irked me.

This list could go on and on, but I’ll stop there because I’m pretty sure my blood pressure just doubled in the time that I wrote this all out.

Let’s just say this: there’s a reason why Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 44%.

Book rating: 10/10

Movie rating: 2/10


2 thoughts on “What I Thought About “The Girl on the Train”

  1. So interesting to read! I read the book and I saw the movie as well and I genuinely LOVED both! The book was brilliant and I do prefer the book because I love details ha. But the movie was so well down, at least in my eyes. The cast was incredible. I do however agree with the British accent, that was silly, overall it didn’t bother me that it was filmed in New York. It didn’t make any sense at first but that was alright. I just realize that when they’re writing the screenplay, I don’t know if the author of the book was a part of that, but sometimes they aren’t, sometimes they are and I’m assuming they had their reasons for changing the story a tiny bit, however the key points were the same and, again I loved the casting!

    Great review though, I enjoyed reading it and you nicely explained it all without giving away too much!


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