La Roche-Posay My UV Patch Review


One of the many reasons why I love working at L’Oreal is that I am able to learn about products I’ve never heard of before and sometimes, I am even lucky enough to try them out. The La Roche-Posay My UV Patch has been one of the products on my wish-list ever since I started working at L’Oreal. I was lucky enough to receive one from the La Roche-Posay team and I knew instantly that I had to write a post about it.

The purpose of the My UV Patch is to educate people on how much UV they are getting each day. This super advanced sticker goes on a part of the body that is exposed to the sun daily and it is connected to an app that keeps track of how much UV you get. I applied the patch on the back of my hand because that is the area of my body that is mostly exposed to the sun. This patch is water resistant, so it is recommended to wear for 2-3 days to get an accurate reading of how much UV you’re exposed to.





The app, My UV Patch, is free and is required in order to use the patch. Once downloaded, it asks for information about yourself, such as your hair, eye, and skin color. la-roche-posay-my-uv-patch-app


This is what you will see when you begin the day with the patch. As expressed in the photo above, it is best to keep the heart as full as possible to ensure that you are not getting too much or too little UV.


The way this app tracks your UV exposure is by having an hourly check up. The app will remind you each hour to scan the patch, so it can keep all of the information up to date. The app requires natural daylight to get a good shot of the unique code on each patch.


I’m pretty sure this app knows when the sun sets because it stopped asking me for my hourly check up once it got dark out (crazy technology!). As you can see from the photo above, I received the perfect amount of UV for the day.

My initial plan was to test it out for an entire weekend. Unfortunately, my plans fell through on the second day, so I didn’t go outside at all. This prohibited me from getting a clearer analysis from the app. Additionally, I have come to the conclusion that my UV intake is probably lower during this time of year because I tend to stay indoors quite often. I would love to pick up another My UV Patch and test it out in the summer…I bet the results would be completely different!

I think this new technology from La Roche-Posay is extremely impressive and informative. It’s safe to say that no other brand has come up with anything like this so far. Originally, I thought that this was not for sale. I was told that they are given out for free at dermatologists offices and outdoor charity events. After doing some digging, I saw that Target actually sells it! I think this would be a really cool, different holiday gift…or a great treat yo self gift. I think it’s very important to know how much UV we get daily. Too much can be bad for you, but too little can also affect you in a negative way.

Have you heard of the La Roche-Posay My UV Patch? What do you think about it? Is it a gimmick or truly informative? Let me know!


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