Ricky’s Cult Crushes February Box: Lock in Moisture


As if I didn’t have enough subscription boxes already, I decided to try out the Ricky’s NYC monthly box, Cult Crushes. Each box features items that are surrounded by one theme. This month’s theme: Lock in Moisture. This box comes with an information card, listing all of the products featured with a small description of the product and how to use it.




Nugg Soothing Face Mask

This breakthrough mask features a powerful blend of natural oils and extracts to calm, balance and hydrate skin. Apply it to your face for 10 minutes before rinsing or use it as an overnight skin-booster and rinse in the morning.


Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream

Winter weather can ravage your skin, which is why this anti-aging moisturizer is formulated to nurture, pamper and hydrate the face’s skin to return it to its natural, healthy state.



A little goes a long way with this antioxidant-rich, hydrating lip moisturizer. Lipsmart retains moisture to fight dry, chapped and deflated lips so that your mouth looks fuller, longer.


Phyocitrus Hair Mask

This invigorating hair mask delivers a blend of citrus fruits and proteins that effectively lock in color, reconstruct the hair fiber and boost radiance and shine.


RickyCare No-Crease Bow Clips

These adorable little bows are perfect for holding back hair while applying a face mask, putting on makeup, styling hair, or to rock as an added accessory!

Overall, I am super happy with this box! I definitely struggle with dry skin and lips during the winter season, so I will definitely benefit from most of the products in this box. I plan on keeping this box to see how it goes for the next few months, so keep an eye out for upcoming unboxings!

Are you subscribed to Ricky’s Cult Crushes? Let me know what you think about the subscription service down below!


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