Making My First Cake: The Magical Unicorn

Last weekend was my 7-year-old cousin’s birthday, so I decided to do something special for her and a make a decorative cake from scratch. chelsweets-unicorn-cake

This cake was 100% inspired by Chelsweets’  Magical Unicorn Cake that she created a few weeks ago. Chelsey works at L’Oreal, which is how I discovered her baking Instagram and blog. The cakes she makes are stunning and extremely easy to followI followed her recipe completely and this is the final result!


The two major differences I saw using her recipe was that her cake was 4 layers, while my batter only made 3 layers. I’m not sure if I used larger pans than she did, but I used the standard 8-inch baking pans for this cake, so that is something to keep in mind if you plan on recreating it! I also had to create two batches of buttercream frosting. I think this happened because I am a beginner cake maker, so it was hard for me to create a smooth base on the cake (the white buttercream frosting), so it took a lot of it to create the smooth texture.


My little cousin (and by little, I mean 15 years old) created the ears and horn out of fondant. There are recipes online on how to make your own fondant, but I just purchased mine from Michael’s.


The final step to the cake was the mane of the unicorn. We used various frosting tips to create different shapes and sizes. These beautiful pink rose looking designs were created by my little cousin.


We decided to use yellow the most in the details because it created such a nice pop of color against the white and hot pink in the ears and horn. We also added some edible gold dust for a little pop.


In Chelsey’s recipe, the eyes were supposed to be black. For some reason, I could not find black food coloring on such short notice, so I just mixed red, blue, yellow, and green to create this weird/cool gray, green shade. I think black would’ve pulled the whole look together, but it was my first cake, so I know what to do differently for my next cake!

Baking and decorating cakes might be my new hobby. Although it took me a full day to complete this cake, I had such a blast creating it. I definitely plan on creating upcoming events like my sister’s birthday and a friend’s birthday. I would totally recommend you check out Chelsey’s blog, Instagram, and YouTube channel for beautiful cake inspo!

Do you enjoy baking cakes? Share your favorite recipes with me down below!


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